What TreasureBeaches is about?

TreasureBeaches are:

1. Beautiful and relaxed
2. Off the main road, no mass tourism
3. An adventure
4. Great places to discover
5. And at all beaches are nice places to stay!

We visited about 500 Thai beaches!

TreasureBeaches Thailand focuses on the more undiscovered beaches to find your perfect paradise! Over the past 15 years, we have visited Thailand numerous times. We have gotten to know the country as a warm, welcoming and safe place for visitors and have totally fallen in love with the its people, culture and magnificent beaches.

One of the things we have most enjoyed is spending, relaxing days at the countries stunning beaches. There are many beaches and it was always a kind of sport to find a better beach with a lovely hotel that has not been discovered by mass tourism. But figuring which places are the best can be a bit of a risky venture during a limited vacation. No one wants to spend an entire vacation shuffling from one beach to the next trying to find the right one. So, that is where we come in.

We visited about 500 beaches in Thailand and listed the best. All of the beaches listed on the app are special to us, all beautiful, mostly quiet and not known by everybody. We emphasize the relaxing, peaceful qualities, as the beaches listed here are all somewhat laid back, with a casual atmosphere. There are absolutely no party beaches listed on our site and no beaches overcrowded with tourists.

Our goal is to help you find the kinds of beaches and overnight stays that you are looking for. That way you can simply check the app, chart your trip, then relax and enjoy your holiday. We sincerely hope that the TreasureBeaches site will help you will fall in love with this amazing country as well.

You arrive on an island, many beaches to go, so we will help you to find the best beach. This is what TreasureBeaches is all about. Our site gives you all the beach information you want to know including information about the stays in Thailand. There are pictures to show what the beaches and stays look like. You know exactly where you need to be.