Tips en Notes

We give you 3 tips en 2 notes:

Tip 1 Bring a spare smartphone and buy a Thai sim card at the airport, so you can always use the app.

Tip 2 If you stay on the mainland rent a car, a convenient way of moving around.

Tip 3 Be spontaneous, don’t plan your vacation. It can rain at the Eastern Seaboard while it is a sunny day at the Lower Gulf and the South Andaman. Check the weather apps.

Note 1 The cleanness of beaches varies because of the weather and seasons. A beach can by super clean day one, and after windy days the coastline can be with rubbish. I have been to beaches that were perfectly clean during a first visit but polluted during the next visit. Most of our hotels clean their part of the beach.

Note 2 Sandflies can be annoying. The rule is the finer and brighter the sand the higher the chance of sandflies at the beach. Sandflies are most active when the sun is not strong: in the shade, early morning, at the end of the afternoon and during cloudy days.

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