Over the past 20 years, we have visited Thailand countless times. We have come to know the country as a warm, welcoming and safe place for visitors. We have completely fallen in love with the people, the culture and the beautiful beaches.

TreasureBeaches focuses on Thailand’s undiscovered beaches, with the underlying idea of guiding adventurous, independent travelers on their search for the perfect paradise. Our goal is to help you find the beach and stay you are looking for.

Note, we use STAY as a synonym for hotel or accommodation.

One of the things we enjoy most in Thailand is spending relaxing days on beautiful beaches. With the many beaches that Thailand has, it is always a sport to find a better beach with a nice stay that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. However, figuring out which beaches are the best can be a risky endeavor on a limited vacation. No one wants to spend an entire vacation shuffling from one beach to another to find the right spot. So, that’s where we come in.

We have visited over 600 beaches in Thailand, of which about 100 are in our database. All mentioned beaches are special to us. They are all beautiful, mostly quiet and not known to everyone. We emphasize the peaceful qualities, as the beaches listed here are all somewhat relaxed, with a casual atmosphere. There are absolutely no party beaches on our site, meaning no beaches that are overcrowded with tourists.

In addition to the 100 beaches, we have about 400 accommodations in our database and give suggestions about places to stay. The stays we have included are chosen based on atmosphere and setting. To encourage responsible travel, TreasureBeaches pays special attention to small-scale family hotels and eco-friendly accommodations.

Have a nice trip and enjoy your time on the TreasureBeaches of Thailand!