South Andaman

The beaches from Krabi to the border with Malaysia. You will find TreasureBeaches near all yellow highlighted placemarks!

Ko Jum

Ko Lanta

Ko Ngai

Ko Muk

Ko Kradan


Ko Libong

Ko Sukorn

Ko Bulon Le

Ko Tarutao

Ko Adang

South Andaman is probably the most photogenic region, golden and white beaches surrounded by turquoise calm water. We’ve checked large parts of the mainland, but most of the TreasureBeaches are definitely on the islands. The further south you go, the more likely you are to encounter crystal clear water.

There is such an abundance of great beaches, that we have decided not to list the places Ko Phi Phi, Railay and Ko Lipe. These places have become too mainstream and TreasureBeaches deliberately focuses on the more undiscovered beaches.

On many islands there is a large difference between high and low tide, which means that swimming at low tide is not always possible because when the water recedes, rocks and coral appear. Luckily, you can swim at most beaches at low tide but pay close attention to our description of the different beaches!

The best time to visit South Andaman is from December to the end of April. The rainy season extends from May to October, along with the entire Andaman coast. The islands around Ko Tarutao are an exception, since here the rainy season runs from September to mid-December. The high season starts in December and runs until May. However, the summer months are drier in the south than along the northern coast of Andaman.