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Ko Mak

Ko Mak is a small island, only 16 square km. The atmosphere on the island is still very relaxed. Exploring the island you will find coconut and rubber plantations. Which beach to go? Check the App in Google Play or App Store.

Ko Samet

While the northeastern beaches of Ko Samet are getting more crowded every year, some of the other beaches are still nice to visit. We see Ko Samet as a good place to start or end your vacation, close to the airport.
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Ko Lanta

The island of Ko Lanta is becoming more touristic every year, so our first impression was not too positive. Most of the beaches in Ko Lanta are good but too crowded for our tastes. However, as a big surprise, we found 2 lovely small bays in the southwest area of the island, and an unexpected beach in the middle of one of the more touristic area.

Which Island to choose?

The beach at Loh Yai on Ko Sukorn is nearly perfect, nice fine sand and a lovely view. During high tide the beach is more than 10 meters wide, with good swimming conditions the whole day. However, the sand is a somewhat off-putting gray color, which keeps it from being a perfect beach.

One of our favorites

This beach is on one of our favorite islands in southern Andaman, a good-sized island, mostly flat and great for bicycle or motorbike touring.
The atmosphere in the small island villages is relaxed, and there are nice rubber plantations, watermelon plots and rice field to explore.

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