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We visited about 500 beaches in Thailand and listed 100 of them. All of the beaches listed on the app are special to us, all beautiful, mostly quiet and not known by everybody.
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TreasureBeaches hunt

We checked more than 500 beaches throughout Thailand!
We have made long walks along the coast, and visited many beaches by crossing the country on a motorcycle. We used cars, mini vans, slow ferries, catamarans, long tail boats, speedboats and planes to during our TreasureBeaches hunt in Thailand.

Beach Level

Beach level:
– Swipe the pictures to get an impression of the beach.
– Tab double on the picture to enlarge them, the pictures are zoomable.
– Click on the icons to get the explanation.
– Scroll down to choose where to stay and to read the general information about the beach and the stays.
– Use the Header to go navigate to the beach location and if you want, add the beach to your own favorites.
– Footer; navigate to higher levels (Country, Region and Place).

Renewed APP

TreasureBeaches introduces its renewed APP with a complete overview of the most special, 100 almost undiscovered beaches of Thailand.
The APP takes interested Thailand travelers on a journey along impressive unknown exotic beaches!

Over 200 STAYS

I have visited more than 500 beaches throughout Thailand and selected 100 real TreasureBeaches  and over 200 Stays to make life easy for you.
What is the best beach, what to expect on this beach and where to stay? TreasureBeaches Thailand gives you all the answers. Illustrated with loads of pictures of the beaches and the stays.
Have a great trip and enjoy your time on the TreasureBeaches of Thailand!