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Ko Phra Thong

Tourism is just beginning in Ko Phra Thong. There are more than 15 km of pleasant beaches and less than 10 places to stay, mostly in the northwest. The bulk of stays are clustered in 2 small bays on the northwest side of the island.
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Small Ko Chang

Ko Chang North Andaman is a beautiful island with narrow concrete and dirt roads leading through fields of rubber trees and cashew orchards. It’s a very quiet place: there are no cars and almost no motorbikes on the island. Ko Chang is where visitors go to enjoy a somewhat isolated, laid-back beach with basic huts. It’s truly the ‘old fashioned Thai way of beach life’.
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Ko Surin


We arrived on Ko Surin and we were flabbergasted about the watercolor. In the middle below you see some rocks… so no wonder there are more rocks and coral formations in the surroundings of this island and therefor it is also a great snorkeling and scuba diving spot.