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Quiet Beaches

The beaches near Nakhon Si Thammarat are still empty. A good place to visit if you do not want to be bothered by other tourists. The beaches are long and you find small villages along the coast. A perfect place to drive around and enjoy the beautiful area. You can do trips to the waterfall or visit one of the fruit farms. During the night you can go fishing by boat.

Ko Ngai

Ko Ngai is a paradise beach. A stunning view, transparent water, powder sand and a coral reef directly in front of the bungalows.The island  is getting busier every year. The middle upto the north end of the beach is still relaxed. All the stays mentioned are still on this part of he beach.

Hidden Bay

Close to Loh Yai on Ko Sukorn, there is a Hidden Bay separated from the main beach by a small rock formation. It is a small, beach with nice fine sand a lovely view and only 1 resort. The scarcity of visitors makes this a perfect place for lonely beach admirers.
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