Ao Kao, Ko Mak

Ao Kao is one of Ko Mak’s better known bays and is located in the southwestern corner of the island, a great place to visit. A creek divides the southwestern bay into 2 beaches, Ao Kao and Ao Khatuang.

The beach of Ao Kao is very photogenic because of the pearly white fine sand and palm trees you will find along the small bay. The water is clear and has a beautiful blue color but be aware that at high tide the beach largely disappears and that you have a great chance of finding sand fleas on this beach. You should be aware of this possibility and protect yourself with the special oil and spray sold nearby.

Most of the stays at Ao Kao’s beach are mid-range and upper range, starting at around 2000 baht. We liked the bungalows at Lazy Days. Another recommendation is Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort, which is a more crowded upper range option with a small pool in the backyard.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly stay, we recommend Koh Mak Island Huts, which offers basic bamboo and wooden bungalows. All stays have their own restaurants.