Ao Manao, Prachuap Khiri Khan

Ao Manao, 3 kilometers south of Prachuap Khiri Khan, is known for its extreme beauty. This is an ideal bay: a moon-shaped beach surrounded by trees and impressive rock formations in the sea. This beach is well known by the Thai, so it can get busy on weekends and holidays. Even during these times this long bay is not too crowded.

The southern part of the beach is both the widest and the cleanest. Rent a beach chair here (10 baht) and unwind. It is a bay where you can swim all day long, especially with small children. The often calm, clear water does not get deep too quickly. Ao Manao is part of a military base, so to get to the beach and the hotel Wing 5 you have to register at the office and cross the air force runway.

The mid-range stay Wing 5 is the only one place to stay. This hotel is part of the military air force and offers value for money. It is difficult to make reservations at this residence because priority is given to army personnel. During the week, the stay is usually not fully booked, increasing the chance to find a room. An alternative is to stay in Prachuap Khiri Khan city.

In the middle of Ao Manao there is a food center with different food stalls offering a wide variety of food choices, all simple and good. Other lunch or dining options can be found in the town 3 kilometers away.

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a relaxed beach town. A pleasant city with cozy shops, small markets, nice bars and tasty restaurants. We often dine at the night market and can recommend climbing the hill adjacent to the city center. A very long staircase takes you to the temple at the top of the hill. This hilltop temple offers panoramic views of the town and the bays of Prachuap. You’ll need to not be too afraid of monkeys because on the hill you will encounter many.

While Prachuap’s main beaches are not suitable for sunbathing, you will find 2 beaches just outside of town that have made it to the TreasureBeaches database. If you want to go fishing, a half-day trip costs 650 baht per person.

The Kuiburi National Park is a great day out and is known as the best place in Thailand to spot wild elephants. In addition, you will find a large population of Asian cows and many other animals. During the safari you get into an open jeep together with a guide and go in search of elephants and other animals. An amazing experience!

The small border town of Dan Singkhon with neighboring Myanmar is located about 25 kilometers west of the city of Prachuap Khiri Khan. You can visit a nice market on the Thai side. Many goods from Myanmar are offered on the market, including clothing, wooden furniture, pottery and many plants. Before the COVID pandemic, the market was a well-known attraction, but currently quite a few shops are still empty. Only Thais and Burmese are allowed to cross the border.

From Bangkok there are good connections by bus or minibus (4 to 5 hours). If you are coming from the south, most trains, buses and minibuses will pass through Prachuap Khiri Khan, which has its own train station. You can take the morning train from Bangkok at 8:10 AM, which will arrive at Prachuap Khiri Khan at 1:39 PM.

Manao Bay is 3 kilometers south of town and you need a taxi or your own transport to get there. It is easy to rent a scooter in town.