Ao Tapao, Ko Kut

Ao Tapao is one of the most popular beaches on Ko Kut, and is a social beach that still has that true TresureBeaches feeling. Visitors are attracted by half a kilometer of white fine sand, palm trees and crystal clear water. Nearby is reef for snorkeling, with a variety of colorful fish; the coral is of medium quality

The water at Ao Tapao has an impressive emerald color, and the sea is usually calm, only slowly getting deeper, making it safe for small children to swim. Be sure to bring your water shoes if you go to the pier on the northern part of the beach, as here you will find stones in the water.

The hotels on the beach are all upper range stays, so make sure to check the internet to see what suits you best. Ko Kood Paradise is larger in scale and has a fantastic swimming pool, while Medee Resort and Seafar Resort are more intimate hotels to stay at. The well-designed Shantaa Resort is another great place to stay, although there are more stones in the water.

The road conditions to this beach are good. You can eat at the hotels’ restaurants or just go to the small village just 1 kilometer from the beach.