Ao Yai, Ko Chang NA

Ao Yai is the main beach of Ko Chang NA and has a long, impressive bay. The north side of this beach is the best part: at high tide there is still enough sand to lay down a beach towel and relax, while at low tide you can swim well! On some parts of the beach, the sand turns a bizarre black color.

It is a good 30-minute walk from the northern to the southern end of Ao Yai. In the southern part the sand disappears at high tide and at low tide the sea recedes, making the entire beach meters wide and you have to walk quite a bit before you can swim.

On this beach you will find mostly budget stays. Long Beach and Sunset Bungalows, both budget options, are located at the northern end of the beach. Long Beach has wooden bungalows in a garden, while Sunset Bungalows offers bamboo bungalows in a rubber tree plantation. Further south we found Cashew Resort, a good alternative on this part of the beach.

Chang Thong Bungalow and the bungalows of Ko Chang Resort are located in the middle/ south part of the bay and both have Internet access. Most of Ko Chang Resort’s bungalows are on stilts over the sea: a great experience. At the back, they have cheaper, less attractive bungalows. Good to know; it is a 100-meter walk from Ko Chang Resort to the nearest stretch of sand to lay down your towel.

All stays have their own kitchen.