Aumphur Klang

Aumphur Klang is an elongated beach with fine sand and good swimming conditions, about 20 kilometers east of Ban Phe. Although the beach is not wide at high tide, we really enjoyed our stay at Krathin Tepa.

The best part of the beach is 5 to 8 kilometers east of Mae Pim. Here the road is further from the stays. Near Mae Pim, the road lies between the stays and the beach, making the atmosphere feel less relaxed.

Krathin Tepa is a cozy boutique hotel and a perfect place to start or end your vacation. Alternatives are some mid- and upper-range resorts. In addition to resorts, apartments are rented by private individuals, check the well-known sites for this. We mention Aksorn Rayong and The Ryad Rayong.

The mid-range options Baan Boonpetch and Ton-Aor on the Beach are located right next to each other. This a more social part of the beach has a diving center. They are good options if you like a more Western company, however, this is not quite to our taste.