Secret Beach, Dolphin Bay

The southern part of Dolphin Bay is separated from the beach by a river. It is a beautiful, quiet bay with beautiful views of small islands: a big difference from the touristy main beach of Dolphin Bay. The beach offers a serene and unspoiled environment with soft, golden sands and clear waters.

The coastline is fringed with lush vegetation, creating a picturesque and natural setting. Most people don’t make it to this bay because you have to cross a river and drive around the golf course.

On this secret beach there are 2 stays in the upper range segment, Brassiere and Hansar. Brasserie has a unique character; each room is individually designed. Depending on your taste, it can feel enchanting or over the top. Hansar has a beautiful infinity pool and offers a more overall experience of luxury. Both hotels have restaurants. It is a 3-kilometer drive to the restaurants in the center of Dolphin Bay.

Please note that there are 2 roads leading to the beach. The one we use is the concrete road that goes to the beach rather than to the lodgings (use Beach in front of Nom Sao Island on your navigation app). This road is in better condition, but you have to walk the last 100 meters over the beach to the stays. The navigation apps normally lead you via a partly unpaved road to your hotel, although we recommend using the road in better condition and walk the last part.