Klong Jark, Ko Lanta

Klong Jark is our favorite bay in Ko Lanta. The bay is situated in the southwest part of Ko Lanta, and it is one of the quieter and more remote beaches on the island. It’s an excellent choice for travelers looking to escape the busier areas and enjoy a peaceful coastal retreat. Klong Jark gives us the feeling of what Ko Lanta looked like 20 years ago.

Klong Jark has a wide, quiet beach with fine sand with a creek dividing the beach into two. At high tide the beach is still very widespread. At low tide it is difficult to swim on the northernmost part of the beach, however, the middle and south part of the beach are suitable to swim all day long.

On the beach are 3 places to stay. Anda Lanta is a luxury resort, while Klong Jark Bungalows is a solid, budget option in a great location. Last Beach Resort is another budget option and has nice bungalows just next to their beach restaurant. On Klong Jark, all stays have their own kitchen. You will find 2 additional beach bars to eat, otherwise a 5 to 10-minute walk will take you to some small restaurants on the main road.

Most visitors arrive in the northern part of the island. Please note that a taxi from the pier to Klong Jark approximately costs 700 baht.

The island of Ko Lanta is becoming more touristy every year, so our first impression was not too positive. Most of the beaches in Ko Lanta are good, but too crowded for our taste. As a big surprise, however, we found one nice social beach in the northwest part and 2 beautiful, relaxed bays in the southwest of the island.

Ko Lanta offers excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. The surrounding waters are home to a variety of marine life and coral reefs, making it a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Ko Lanta’s natural beauty goes beyond its beaches. Explore lush jungles, visit waterfalls, and even go hiking to experience the island’s diverse ecosystems. There are many activities on the island, from yoga, boxing, and cooking classes, to taking day trips to dive sites or feeding the elephants.

The east coast of Ko Lanta is a nice day trip, this is where you will find mangroves and Old Town, a charming village with small temples and old wooden buildings. The main street is full of shops, cafes and restaurants. If you want to buy some souvenirs, Old Town is the place to go.

It is possible to visit Ko Lanta with your own car. Take the car ferry (15 minutes) and cross a bridge to reach the island. However, most people fly to Krabi and take a minibus (300 baht) or private taxi (2000 baht) from the airport to reach Ko Lanta. There are good connections by minibus from Krabi town (300 baht).

Another option would be to fly to Trang and take the minibus connection from the city or the airport (400 baht). From Phuket and most of the southern islands are speedboat services to Ko Lanta. For this, check the internet.

On Ko Lanta it is easy to rent a scooter.