Ko Kho Khao, North Andaman

Ko Kho Khao Beach

Ko Kho Khao is a serene and relatively undeveloped island. It is situated in the Andaman Sea, just off the western coast of the Thai mainland, north of the popular tourist destinations of Khao Lak and Phuket. The island’s tranquillity makes it an ideal place to relax and unwind. Moreover, some accommodations offer wellness activities like yoga and spa treatments.

Ko Kho Khao is a beautiful and largely undeveloped island, but roads running its entire length make the island easy enough to explore. While Ko Kho Khao isn’t known for challenging hikes, you can go on nature walks through the lush, mostly flat landscapes. Keep an eye out for birdwatching opportunities and the island’s natural beauty. The west side of the island is mainly used for agricultural purposes such as coconut plantations, banana plantations and palm oil. The northeast part of the island is hillier with mangrove forests and rainforests.

You can rent a longtail boat and visit the small island of Ko Pa off the west coast. The island is only a small strip of sand but has a beautiful coral reef where you can snorkel well. If you like diving, take a boat excursion to the Surin Islands, Similan Islands or Ko Tachai

Ban Thung Tuek is an architectural site on the southeast side of the island with a small exhibit. The foundations of this site are still visible. There are a few villages around the island, the main village is near the pier and has some amenities such as shops, travel agencies, scooter rentals, restaurants and ATMs.

Bang Muang is the best starting place to get to Ko Kho Khao. The bus service between Ranong and Phuket makes a stop at Bang Muang. From the bus station you have to take a motorbike taxi to the pier for less than 100 baht. At the pier a longtail boat goes to the island for 20 baht per person. You can take a scooter on the longtail boat. Alternatively, you can take the car ferry for 150 baht.

Scooter and bicycle rentals are available at the Ko Kho Khao Pier. A taxi can also take you to your stay for 300 baht. Most of the stays provide a free pick-up service.

From Ko Phra Thong you can also arrange transport to Ko Kho Khao, please inquire at your accommodation. If that doesn’t work out, you can contact Mr. Chuoi near Gray Beach. He will take you to a small southern pier at Ko Phra Thong. The first part of the journey is a 40-minute pickup truck ride on narrow trails that lead through the island’s savannah. Afterwards, a longtail boat will take you to northern Ko Kho Khao. This trip costs about 1000 baht.

Only some of the stays have scooter rentals. At the main pier, it is easy to rent a scooter.