Ko Wai, Eastern Seaboard

  • Two TreasureBeaches
  • A small island with photogenic beaches and lots of palm trees
  • Go snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking
  • Easy to reach from Ko Chang and Ko Mak
  • Favorite stays:
    Koh Wai Paradise *
    Good Feeling *

North Beach

South Beach

About a 20minutes by boat south of Ko Chang you will find Ko Wai, a small island with photogenic beaches and lots of palm trees. It is a beautiful island for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and reading, but mainly just for relaxing. You will not find any roads, stores or vehicles.

Most of the beaches are on the north coast and a number of trails cross the small island. It is a good 30-minute climb between South Beach and North Beach. During your hike you can enjoy the banana and rubber plantations.

A bit bizarre: most of the day the northern beaches are empty, but between 1:30pm and 4:00pm boats arrive from Ko Chang full of day-trippers and snorkeling tourists, overcrowding the northern bays. The southern bay remains relaxed throughout the day.

Be sure to visit Bang Bao, a fishing village located in the south of Ko Chang. This place is suitable for a great excursion, with a cozy pier with numerous shops and eateries. You can eat delicious food here in one of the excellent restaurants, where the fish comes straight from the sea.

We think that Ko Wai is a good island to visit for a few nights if you are traveling in the Eastern Seaboard. However, if you only have the opportunity to visit one of the islands during your trip to Thailand, we recommend choosing one of the other islands and visiting Ko Wai as a day trip.

There are no ATMs on the island.

You will find 3 places to catch a boat to Ko Wai, where you usually can choose between a slowboat and a speedboat. Go to Laem Ngob Pier near Trat or take the boat at one of the piers at Ko Mak. If you travel from Ko Chang, the boat leaves from Bang Bao Pier. Check the internet for the schedule; the boat will drop you off near your stay.