Loh Yai, Ko Sukorn

    Loh Yai, located on Ko Sukorn, is an almost perfect beach with beautiful fine sand and an amazing view of rock formations in the sea. Even at high tide, the beach is over 10 meters wide and offers good swimming conditions all day long.

    However, it is not the ‘perfect’ beach due to the lack of sapphire and turquoise tones that you do see on some other islands in Trang province. Still, we really enjoy visiting Loh Yai!

    There are 3 places to stay in this area. Andaman Resort is a good option with nice mid-ranged, air-conditioned, more basic wooden fan bungalows. As a guest at Yataa Island Resort, you are able to choose between wooden or concrete bungalows and you have the option to use their swimming pool. Since this residence is more convenient than Andaman Resort, prices are slightly higher. Finally, Cameron Island Resort is a budget hotel that just reopened in 2023.

    All stays discussed have restaurants. Would you rather go out for dinner somewhere else? In that case, the village near the pier (2,5 km away), offers simple food stalls and a few small restaurants.

    Ko Sukorn, one of our favorite islands in South Andaman, is a relatively large island which is mostly flat, making it ideal for bike or scooter tours. Ko Sukorn features a range of landscapes, including beaches, fields, and fishing villages. The island is a haven for nature lovers and those looking to escape the crowds. The small island villages have a relaxed atmosphere. You are able to explore rubber plantations, watermelon fields and rice fields here.

    Take a day trip to Ko Lao Liang, Ko Takieng and Ko Petra: these islands have powdery white sand, beautiful clear water and coral reefs. You have to organize the excursion yourself, it is best to approach fishermen or ask at your hotel. The excursion costs about 3,000 baht. There are no ATMs on the island, so make sure to bring cash!

    From Trang, the cheapest way to reach Ko Sukorn is through shared transportation. Taking a shared pickup truck and longtail boat to the island will cost you around 250-350 baht. Upon arrival on the island, motorcycle taxis will take you to your accommodation. A private transfer, including taxi and boat, approximately costs 1500 baht. For additional information and good deals, you can contact Trang Happy Trip & Tour by phone (+66 081 607 2411).

    From the mainland, a private longtail boat to Ko Sukorn will cost about 300 baht. It is possible to take longtail boats from Ko Bulon Le or Ko Libong, which will cost about 2500 baht.

    Most resorts rent scooters and bicycles.