Long Beach, Ko Ngai

Long Beach is the main beach of Ko Ngai. It is truly a ‘postcard’ beach with pearly white sand, transparent turquoise water and views of rock formations. On the beach you can snorkel very well and spot various colorful fish or starfish. In the northern part of the beach the sand disappears at high tide, however, there is still beach left in the southern part.

You can take a nice walk along the 2-kilometer-long beach or you can choose to relax in your beach chair. Pay attention to the swimming conditions! During low tide the water recedes, and you have to walk a short distance to swim. Coral and boulders lie along the coastline, making swimming less enjoyable. However, water shoes easily solve this problem.

Most of the stays at Ko Ngai are mid to upper range stays. They all looked comfortable. Check the booking sites to see which stay best suits your needs. At the north end of the beach, we enjoyed Thapwarin Resort, although its neighbor Coco Cottage is a good alternative.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, we recommend the wooden bungalows at Ko Hai Seafood. A good alternative is Kaimuk Thong Resort. The basic option is to rent a tent at Ko Hai Camping Resort. Between the stays are some small places to eat, plus all of the resorts have their own restaurants. All in all, there is plenty of choice!