Northeast Beach, Ko Yao Yai

In the northeast of Ko Yao Yai, not far from Sankbank Beach, is a beautiful beach without a name and several places to stay. It is a quiet beach with fine white sand, green grass and great views of the rock formations in the sea. Grab one of the beach beds and you will completely relax.

The sea is below the beach level; there is a stone seawall about half a meter high to protect the beach during storms. At this beach we advise to book a hotel with a swimming pool, as during low tide, bathing becomes more complicated. The sea retreats tens of meters and the sandy bottom becomes clayey, yet the view of the sea is wonderful.

On this beach there are several small-scale hotels. Our favorites, directly on the beach, are the more upper range Better View Koh Yao Yai and the mid-range Thiwson Beach Resort. At this last-mentioned hotel, we prefer the more spacious bungalows on the hill over the relatively small bungalows directly on the beach. If you are traveling on a budget, go to Koh Yao Beachfront, although this part of the beach is less attractive.

The stays have their own restaurant. You can also grab your scooter to visit the small restaurants in the area.

Ko Yao Yai is one of the 2 main islands in the Ko Yao archipelago, located in the Phang Nga Bay. The other main island is Ko Yao Noi. Together, these islands are known for their natural beauty and tranquility.

Ko Yao Yai is the largest island and is a somewhat more extensive island of about 30 kilometers long. The island is located between touristy Phuket and Krabi and to our surprise, tourism here is still in its infancy. On Ko Yao Yai you are usually one of the few tourists.

Enjoying a nice swim requires some organization on the beaches of Ko Yao Yai and Ko Yao Noi: the tide has to be just right! At low tide the sea retreats, making the beach super wide and often difficult to access because the bottom becomes rocky or muddy. Beautiful for photos, less pleasant for swimming and yet the view of the sea is wonderful.


You can explore the island’s natural beauty through activities like hiking, touring by scooter, and visiting local villages. Ko Yao Yai offers an authentic Thai island experience. Discover the nearby islands, including Ko Yao Noi, Phang Nga Bay, and James Bond Island. You can take boat tours to discover the unique landscapes, limestone karsts, and hidden lagoons.

Go sea kayaking or mangrove forest kayaking: paddle through the calm waters and explore the picturesque limestone formations, mangroves and caves. Kayaking tours are a great way to see the beautiful natural landscape up close.

It is possible to take yoga, boxing and cooking classes on the island. Be sure to take photos at Hat Laem, also known as Sandbank Beach. This beautiful beach (without accommodation) is located in the far northeastern tip of the island.

To get to Ko Yao Yai you can take a boat from Phuket at Bang Rong Pier close to the airport or from Ao Thalen Pier near Krabi. The speed boat from Bang Rong costs 400 baht and from Ao Thalen it is 150 baht. At the pier on Ko Yai Yai, a transfer to your residence starts at 100 baht per person.

It’s easy to rent a scooter on the island.