Relax Beach, Ko Yao Noi

Relax Beach is an intimate beach, with very fine sand and views overlooking beautiful limestone karsts. It’s a peaceful and tranquil spot, perfect for relaxing and taking in the picturesque scenery. It is a rugged bay framed by rows of palms and other trees providing shade, which creates an an impressive setting.

The sea is normally calm, and you can swim well at high tide. There is a stone seawall about one meter high to protect the beach during storms. You will enjoy the swimming pool, as during low tide, bathing becomes more complicated. The sea retreats tens of meters and the sandy bottom becomes clayey, yet the view of the sea is wonderful.

On this beach there are 2 excellent places to stay. Koyao Island Resort with nicely designed spacious bungalows, is a good place to stay. This place offers 15 villas, all right on the beach and an infinity pool. Coastal Escape is a luxurious alternative.

The stays have restaurants. You can also take a scooter to one of Ko Yao Noi’s other bays.