Rim Pae, Ban Phe

About 12 kilometers east of Ban Phe you will find Rim Pae beach. A pleasant surprise, offering a long and wide stretch of fine white sand, making it very suitable for long walks along the coastline. On weekends, the area is packed with visitors from Bangkok and surrounding cities, but during the week you have the beach to yourself.

However, it was difficult to find stays that we like, since most of the stays are bigger resorts like Novotel and Marriott. Although these stays are not to our taste, you can always check the internet to find good deals. We found 2 mid-range stays on the east part of the beach: Bandara, which has a nice garden and 2 swimming pools, and its neighbour Stella Maris, which is a more basic option.

Ban Phe Ville and Moment Villa are located on the western part of the beach; the beach is further away from the ‘busy’ road. Ban Phe Ville offers stone bungalows for families, where mostly Thai is spoken. Moment Villa is a residence with a good swimming pool.

In addition to these resorts, apartments are also rented by private individuals, check the well-known sites for this. We usually stay at Bandara on Sea. Although the quality has decreased after COVID, we still enjoy it.

Several food stalls and some small beach restaurants can be found along and next to the coast. However, most stays also have their own restaurant.