Samila, Songkhla

The city beach Songkhla Samila is about 2 kilometers long and is located in the northern part of the city. It is a lively city beach where many local people come on weekends and at the end of the day for a picnic or a drink. The beach bars are in the southern part of the beach against the city, and the northern part is quiet. If you get bored, you can even go horse riding on the beach! Also don’t forget to take a photo of the statues of the golden mermaid and the cat with the rat.

Samila has a lot of potential, the only question is when this will be realized. At the moment it is a little developed beach and not too clean. Still, we decided to add it to our database. The combination of a nice city, a beach and the relaxed local atmosphere make it a TreasureBeach for us.

In Songkhla you can find good budget and mid-range stays. For this, make sure to check the options online. There are 2 stays on the beach. Samila Beach Resort is directly by the main beach and has many rooms and a congress hall. Although it is not the most intimate stay in the TreasureBeaches database, it is definitely good enough to mention.

The Pine Songkhla is an experience. We found this good mid-range stay in a small pine tree forest, 1 kilometer north of the city center. Here you will encounter horses walking between bungalows, and a sheep farm is also part of the accommodation. You have to walk 100 meters through the pine trees to reach the very wide empty beach. Keep in mind that they don’t clean the beach here!

There is a lot of eating options in this area. You can eat at the stays’ restaurants, at other beach bars or in the downtown area. In addition, it is possible to rent scooters in town, and even rent bicycles at The Pine Songkhla.