Sivalai, Ko Muk

When you arrive on Ko Muk from the mainland, you have a beautiful view of Sivalai, so keep your camera at hand! Sivalai is one of the most photogenic beaches in Thailand. This beach location on a headland jutting into the sea creates a truly enchanting landscape. Sivalai is located on a beautiful sandy strip with pearly white fine sand lined with palm trees.

At high tide you can swim very nicely, but at low tide the sea retreats and the water becomes cloudier. Just to be safe, bring your water shoes, or take a dip in the pool.

Sivalai is home to Sivalai Beach Resort and Pawapi Beach Resort, both beautiful beachfront resorts that offer comfortable upper range accommodations for visitors looking to experience the beach in style. The resorts provide stunning views and direct access to the beach. Sivalai Beach Resort has the best part of the beach, giving us the impression that this is the place to be. The other hotels on this beach did not make it to our database.

It’s only a 5-minute walk to the village, where you will find several food stands and a few restaurants.