Ao Tubtim, Ko Samet

While Ko Samet’s northeastern beaches are getting busier every year, some other beaches have yet to be discovered by the masses. Ao Tubtim is the closest eastern beach to the pier of Ko Samet with a relaxing atmosphere.

The beach features soft, powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounded by lush greenery and tropical vegetation. The calm and gentle waters at Ao Tubtim are great for swimming.

The pleasant bay is perfect for sunbathing, eating and watching people stroll by. At Tubtim you can find one of the nicest beachfront restaurants at the island that serve a variety of Thai and international cuisine. Having your meal or drink with an ocean view is a delightful experience. You can also buy fresh fruit from one of the vendors and just enjoy the beach life.

It is a beautiful bay with 2 places to stay. We love Tubtim Resort with its elegant wooden bungalows in different price ranges with nice verandas. That’s all we need. We come back here almost every year to start or finish our trip! Samed Tamarind is a great excellent alternative.

Some alternative budget accommodations are within a 10-minute walk of the beach. All accommodations have their own restaurant and the bays north of Ao Tubtim offer good alternative places to eat, drink or dance.