Yao Beach, Kantang

Yao Beach is a long stretch of sand dominated on the south side by a beautiful limestone rock. This towers over the otherwise empty beach with crystal clear water and good swimming conditions. It is a popular place for locals to come for picnics and play in the sea.

The beach has fine sand, is 3 kilometers long and is ideal for nature lovers. At low tide, the sea retreats and you have to make a short walk to be able to swim. Apart from a few small resorts on the south side of the beach there is little other development.

Yao Beach is dotted with lovely sea pines and is therefore very suitable for camping. The beach is very quiet, only at both ends there is a chance of encountering other people. In the northern part of the beach, also called Yong Ling Beach, is a designated walking route as part of Hat Chao Mai National Park.

You will find 2 stays at the south end of the beach. Baan Chao Mai Beach House is a mid-range stay, and in our opinion definitely the place to go. If the stay is fully booked, try the more basic Had Yao Seaview Beach Room. This accommodation is more geared towards groups who come to spend the night in dormitories.

Close to the 2 stays are some small eateries.

Kantang, is a seaside district located in the Trang Province of southern Thailand, 24 kilometers from downtown Trang. It is known for its historical and cultural significance, as well as its natural beauty. Most people go to this area when they want to visit the islands south of Ko Lanta.

We have checked the beaches of the mainland in Kantang Region. Most of the beaches are not that beautiful and too crowded on the weekend because of Thai visitors. It lacks atmosphere and usually the swimming conditions are not the best. But after good investigative work, we found Yao Beach, close to the pier to Ko Libong.

The old town of Kantang is worth visiting. Here you will find well-preserved historic buildings that showcase the city’s history. It is a cozy provincial town to stroll through and enjoy the local atmosphere. In the Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park, 15 kilometers from the city, are natural hot springs. The springs have different temperatures and make for a nice excursion if you don’t want to spend a day at the beach.

Visit Ko Libong, the island is known for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and the traditional sea gypsy culture. Rent a scooter at the pier and enjoy the nature and villages. Ko Libong is most famous for its dugong population. You can observe dugongs by taking a longtail boat and go little off the island. Visit the village of Ban Ba Tu Pu on the southeast side of the island, where the stilt houses are built over the tidal flats.

Highly recommended is a daytrip by longtail boat to the islands Ko Muk, Ko Kradan, Ko Ngai and do not forget to make a stop at Emerald Cave on Ko Muk to visit the cave with the emerald lagoon. This excursion cost about 3,000 to 4,000 baht. We recommend just asking around to get a good deal with one of the fishermen. Bring your snorkeling mask!

The city of Trang is a good starting point to reach Yao Beach. Trang is a friendly provincial town to spend the night. Wander the streets and eat at the night market in Ruenrom Alley, about a 15-minute walk from the train station. We advise going to Trang Happy Trip & Tour (081 607 2411) next to the train station to arrange your transportation. You will receive professional help with a smile for fair prices.

Yao Beach is close to Hat Yao Pier, where boats leave for Ko Libong. At Trang, a minibus (150 baht) or taxi (900 baht) will take you to Yao Beach, a 45-minute ride. The minibus only leaves when the seats are occupied, so with some bad luck you may have to wait a while. Coming from Ko Libong, a shared longtail boat is 100 baht per person while a private boat costs 800 baht.

We could not find a place near the beach to rent scooters.