National Park Beach, Ko Adang

National Park Beach is a tropical beach surrounded by pine trees with crystal clear turquoise water. As soon as you arrive, you will be surprised with pearly white beaches that are virtually empty. The beach is located in a bend of the island and runs from east, south to southwest, allowing you to enjoy the sunrise and sunbathing all day.

The calm waters at National Park Beach are perfect for swimming at any tide. The underwater world around the beach offers excellent snorkeling opportunities where you will mainly see different fish. There are quite a number of spots around the island where you can admire good coral in addition to the fish.

The only place to stay is in the National Park Facilities. You can choose between a nice basic bungalow, a simple shelter with shared bathroom or a tent. The campsite offers simple tents and thin sleeping mats for a small fee, so there is no need to bring your own.

There is one restaurant near the bungalow. You can also go to Ko Lipe, where you will find plenty more dining options.