Sichon South, Sichon

Sichon South is a 7 kilometer long beach south of Sichon. The beach is still pristine, and you mainly see local fishermen and, on weekends, Thai tourists.

It is a coarse sandy beach where you can go for a nice walk. There are often waves in the sea and it can be more difficult to swim with strong winds. The area is fun to explore, but keep in mind that they do not rent scooters at this beach.

On Sichon South there are several small-scale hotels run by local owners, and houses and rooms are rented through online booking websites.

In the northern part of the beach there are 2 more comfortable stays. Several small studios are rented at Briya Beachfront Residence where there is a communal swimming pool. Banjert Villa Beach is a kitschy resort, where you can even sleep in an igloo tent. Although this is not quite our style, take the chance if you want to try something different. Please note that some of the rooms are on the other side of the road.

A few kilometers to the south are more budget and mid-range options. During the week you can just drop by and find out which hotel suits you best. The bungalows at Teeny Beach are very colorful and further away from the road. Jai Dee Resort has stylish wooden bungalows with a small pool, but during our visits the water was not that clear. In the southern part of the beach is Arinrada Resort with good rooms and a small swimming pool.

All places provide food, and you find several food stalls along the road. You can go to Sichon for alternative restaurants.