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Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a relaxed seaside town. There is a nice hill to climb if you are not scared of monkeys. From the hill you have a stunning view of the bays and backlands. Although the main beaches of Prachuap are not good for sunbathing there are 2 beaches just outside the city that made it to the TreasureBeaches app.

Dolphin Bay

Arriving from the north, Dolphin Bay and its surroundings are the first places that give us a TreasureBeach feeling: nice relaxed beaches with stays we can recommend. Here you find a good mixture of midrange and upper range stays. Still, there are often roads that run between the beach and stays, or simply too close to some stays to make them real TreasureBeaches. The small bay just south of the main beach and Kuiburi are the first beaches to make our list.
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Huay Yang Beach II

You will find a small sand road between Baan Talaywhan Resort and the beach. If you stay at Baan Talaywhan Resort, there is not much traffic, but you still want to request a bungalow that is not directly on the concrete road going to the town. Nishaville Resort is an elegant upper range stay. Here you can choose between the 8-person bungalow or one of the 3-person appartments. Both have their own kitchen and livingroom.

The further south you go, the quieter the beach becomes. There is one resort, Jacks Beach, where you often feel as if you have the place all to yourself.

At the northern end of the beach there are a few small restaurants with cocktail bars and even one, nicely decorated restaurant.